Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vote for CHANGE May 17, 2011

If you don't like the direction that this current School Board is going in and you want CHANGE, vote for those in BLUE

Region I - 2 four year seats and 1 two year seat

Steven Kozuch
Paul Lobby
James Rearic
Larry Robb
James Solak
Karen Wissinger

You are in Region I if you reside in :  Bethel, Burrell, Cadogan, Ford City, Ford Cliff, Manor, Manorville, North Buffalo and West Kittanning.

Region II  - 2 seats

Jack Burford
Chris Choncek
Amy Lhote

(Although Jack Burford is for change, there are two seats available and we feel Choncek and Lhote are more qualified for the seats)

You are in Region II if you reside in :  Applewald, East Franklin, Kittanning Boro, Rayburn, Washington, West Franklin and Worthington.

Region III  - 1 Seat

Stanley Berdell
Rose Stitt

You are in Region III if you reside in:  Atwood, Boggs, Cowanshannock, Dayton, Elderton, Kittanning Twp, Pine, Plumcreek, Rural Valley, South Bend, Valley and Wayne.