Thursday, May 12, 2011

Six Questions for Stan Berdell

Stan Berdell is running for the one seat available in Region III, which represents Atwood, Boggs, Cowanshannock, Dayton, Elderton, Kittanning Twp, Pine, Plumcreek, Rural Valley, South Bend, Valley and Wayne.  This is part four.  We've also heard from Dr. Lobby from Region I, and Amy Lhote and Chris Choncek from Region II.  We look forward to hearing the anwers to these same six questions from all of the other candidates.

1- Since there seems to be quite a bit of negativity within the district, what do you feel is going right with ASD at this time?

I believe the teachers are working very hard, despite all the negativity, to provide a positive educational environment for our students. They are the strength of our system and continue to provide knowledge for our students as well as help develop a positive attitude in these times of turmoil.

2- What are your ideas to improve student performance?

There are individuals in our educational system that could better answer that question and I would rely heavily on their input and try to implement their ideas into our system.

3- What is your biggest concern with ASD?

Unfortunately, our district is in deep financial trouble and difficult decisions will need to be made so that we can properly educate our children and balance our budget.

4- What is your perspective of the referendum question that has been placed on the ballot?

The referendum question is very confusing and does not solve any issues. First of all it is non-binding and limits your choices, it does not make any sense to me.

5- What do you feel is the primary job of a school board?

The primary job of a school board is to, with the help of others, guide the ship. I do not believe in micromanaging, hopefully the Administrators, Principles and Teachers that have been hired are capable of making sound decisions regarding the management of our district. The board in turn should take those comments and suggestions and through constructive respectful discussions help develop policies that will help our district grow.

6- What attributes, talents and abilities will you bring to our district?

I have a degree in education, while it is true I have not been involved in teaching, I have always been concerned about the education of the students of Armstrong Co. as well as the quality of life of the residents of this County. To that end I have served on several boards. St. Mary’s of Yatesboro parish council, Chairman Shannock Valley Recreation Commission, Tourist Board of Armstrong County, and The YMCA Board of Armstrong County. I started BLX, Inc. in 1989 and employ 22 people. The experiences I have had in operating a business are invaluable and will help me to make the tough decisions that will need to be made in the very near future regarding the education of our students and financial stability of the ASD.