Thursday, May 12, 2011

Referendum - How to vote....

We have been getting a lot of messages and emails from concerned taxpayers who do not know how to vote on the ridiculous, misleading and totally confusing referendum question that Solak and company had put on the ballot.  The question will read:

"Shall debt in the combined sum of $155 million for the purpose of construction of a new comprehensive high school building and Elderton K-6 building be authorized to be incurred as, or (as appropriate) transferred from nonelectoral debt to, debt approved by the electors?"
What if you agree with the buiding of the Elderton K-6 building but oppose the new school construction because that figure contains building a new vo-tech school, which is NOT NEEDED.  How do you vote?  You can't!  You could, in essense, vote No for the first part and Yes for the second part and those votes cancel each other out and you are left with NOT VOTING on the question at all.  Will this really help?  We are not sure.

Solak has stated time and again that if voters vote NO on this question, it means that they SUPPORT RENOVATIONS.  This is not true.  Since there wasn't a third option, which MANY taxpayers asked for "Do Nothing", then we are left with only one option.  Vote YES.

Many of our current school board members, which we support and those running for positions are telling us to vote NO.  We respect their opinion and understand their reasoning, however, we have to say that in out opinion, our best option is to VOTE YES to say NO RENOVATIONS.

This truly is all a smoke screen developed by Solak and company to shift the focus off of the election and their poor candidates.  We need to focus on getting the right people elected into office, whoever YOU feel that may be.  But for those of you asking US for OUR opinion on how to vote on the referendum, we say vote YES!

Bottom line is, get out and vote on May 17!