Sunday, April 1, 2012

Class Sizes of Proposed New School - ANOTHER HERO Lie!

We have heard of another HERO lie.  They are telling people that when they close Elderton and consolidate and eventually build a new school, resulting in two high schools for our district, that this will cause class sizes to jump to 60 kids in a classroom.  Let's just see why this lie is so ridiculous:

There are laws that dictate the minimum and maximum number of students per class.  The Armstrong School District has a policy for Class Sizes, it is 20 for Kindergarten, 25 for grades 1-3 and 30 for grades 4-12.

Aside from that policy, what school has classrooms large enough for 60 kids?  The gym, auditorium and cafeteria can't be used for each and every class.

People, do your homework before you believe stupid things that the "Community School" people want you to believe so that you are afraid of progress.