Friday, March 30, 2012

Welcome Linda Walker

We have a new School Board Director.  Linda Walker was appointed last night to replace the seat left vacant by the resignation of Sara Yassem.  Ms. Walker gave a great speech and out shined the few that actually showed up for their interviews.

Ms. Walker is a retired educator.  She has been through consolidation.  She cares about the students and the quality of their education.  She is going to be an asset.  She really doesn't have big shoes to fill.

She is replacing a school board member who was border-line illiterate.  If any of you have ever received emails from former director Yassem, you will understand.  She writes with no capitalization, no punctuation, and no sentence structure.  Ms. Yassem was also a puppet, who only said what she was told to say and voted how she was told to vote.  With her puppet masters now gone, she became more vocal, since they no longer had a voice on the board, they used her as their microphone.  There was a plan up their sleeve with her resignation and it looks like their plan backfired.

Welcome Ms. Walker!  Let's move forward and bring this district into the next century with quality education with fiscal responsibility!